Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sometimes life actually throws the lemon at your head......

I've been in 9 months of turmoil and there is no end in sight......
Stayed at Kelly's for the last couple days. We did a fast 5 km on Monday a 8 km yesterday and we will do another 8 km before I go home.
The boy (I call him this because even though he is a grown ass man he is still a boy) is coming over today. He will probably be there for a few days. I think this has to come to an end. It's not productive and is hurting me more then it is improving my life. See I am ready to move on with my life with someone and he is in stall mode, not ready to move ahead, perfectly happy with the way we are right now. Which for him is great because he stays with me 75%+ of the time. I cook for him, make his lunches, we go places ect.... but he has zero responsibility and even though he says he is not seeing anyone I have my doubts. And a girls gut is usually right. What a waste of 9 months if this is the way it goes. Damn I hate this. Probably doesn't make any sense and I should explain this more but right now I am just ranting.
I will do this run and maybe I will feel better.

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