Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'd rather have Chocolate

Kinda sad not going home for a holiday. I have to work today 3-11. The boy was off to work early this morning and I slept till 8ish. Finished some laundry had a shake and went out for a short run.
I did 7.5 km in 41 min even. Pace of 5:28 a km....not too bad I guess. I didn't push it just kinda ignored the garmin and ran. Its pretty nice out today. Wish I was home for Easter Dinner. No matter how old you get its lonely with out family on a holiday.
Me after my run. Not sure what I am doing but I really need some sun. Guess that Mexico tan is pretty much gone already!
Short turn over. I am off at 11 tonight and have to be back in tomorrow morning at 0630....damn it. That sucks.
I am surprised the The Boy was awake when I got in last night but amazing enough he was. We had a glass of wine and didn't get to bed till 1 am. He must be so tired. Poor baby.
Well I am gonna go make some no oat oatmeal and get ready for work soon.
Have a great Easter.

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  1. being away from family on holidays suuucks :(