Thursday, April 5, 2012


Trying to decide if I will do another full Marathon this year in October. I remember last year when I decided to do the full I had no idea what I was getting into. I have to say that the actual Marathon was way easier then I thought it would be (3hr 55min) I was happy with that. It was the training during the summer that was so horrible. From August to October I was doing crazy ass long runs in the extreme heat that we had here last summer. Not to mention that me and my fiance broke up on July 2nd, just as I was getting into the training. I lived at friends houses for two months (July and August) Before actually getting my own place September 1st. So I was running in different towns, that I was not familiar with. So to say that I had an optimal training opportunities would be false. It was horrible trying to figure out how to get the runs in. This year at least I would have the benefit of having a home base. As well last summer I was an emotional mess! I drank way to much, didn't sleep well and in general wasn't taking  care of myself as I should. I was kinda mad that if I would had been in a better spot I could have done way better! If I could take 15 minutes off (very possible I think) I could qualify for Boston!

My friend Kelly did the half that day. We were able to stay together for a while. I took off at km 17 though.
Ugh.....My Dad is doing the full again so I have to decide.
Another summer so crazy long runs....hmmmm....Have to think about it some more.
I have a half in 4 weeks. Maybe I will see how that goes then decide.
BTW Men....ugh.....I don't know what to do with them!

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