Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Back and Here to Stay

Well I have to say I have been procrastinating starting a new blog. I used to blog as I'd Rather Have a Cupcake, but in October somehow my blog was locked and I have been unable to get anyone to help me unlock it. Something about being in violation of the terms of service.....I think it is because of the background I put on. I was very disappointed as I had been blogging there for 10 months and put a lot of time into it. I was very happy with the way it looked and had over 100 followers......Now....starting all over. But I think I am finally ready to give it another go, knowing how much energy I will end up putting into it.
So much has happened since the fall.
I moved into my own place.

I love it. Didn't realise how expensive living alone is! I really have to watch my spending, and things like lulu lemon have really been put on hold....sad.....
I ran my first full marathon!
3:55! So happy I was under 4 hours that was my goal. Could have done better, but really held back for the first 17k thinking I might run out of energy, but at 17 k I was on such a high I took off. Went from doing 5min 40 sec km like I had planned to doing sub 5 min 20 sec km for the rest of the race. Did a sub 5min km at km 30!
Over all I felt great and didn't really hit a wall. It was cold and rainy but I just had one of those amazing run days that runners live for.
Went to Niagara Falls for New Years (2 nights) ....actually we have done a few Niagara trips as it is so close and a nice mini get away......

Went on a trip to Mexico in February
I went with the guy I have been seeing for a while, but I will explain more about that later as it is super complicated.
All in all those were the big things from the last few months.
I am still running. Have a half in 4 weeks.....
Life is pretty different these days and I think I am just getting my bearings back after leaving Ray last July.
I have tons more to blog about but will have to catch you up over the next bit. Glad to be back!

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